At Brooks we believe every horse has unique requirements. Each Brooks ration is formulated to provide the right balance of energy, protein, minerals and vitamins to bring out the best in your horse.

About Brooks Performance Horse Feeds

The unique characteristic of Brooks Horse Feeds is its complete focus on the equine world and its dedication to produce the highest quality feeds in Ontario. While proud to be a Canadian owned company, our association with a network of research and consulting professionals around the world is your assurance of quality and performance.

Feeding Suggestions

Providing a balanced ration that meets the specific needs of your horse is your best assurance of performance and ongoing soundness and health.

Brooks Performance Horse Feeds

Brooks Performance Feeds located in Port Perry Ontario manufactures and distributes feeds and supplements for all classes of horses with a commitment to quality and a dedication to be Ontario’s leader in equine nutrition. Since 1993 the Brooks product line has become a major force in the Ontario horse industry. The number of prominent horse people that have been successful with Brooks developed equine feeds is a testament to the dedication of the Brooks’ staff and the important contribution from Kentucky Equine Research.

This partnership combined with a commitment to consistent high quality manufacturing has earned Brooks Performance Feeds a position as a market leader in the Ontario equine industry. A Brook’s formulation is your assurance that your feeding program reflects the most recent nutritional information from research and technology other manufacturers can only try to emulate.